About Us

Welcome to Purchase My House Fast! After many years working in all aspects of the property business, the founders of Purchase My House Fast decided to put together a website that brings everything into one place. All of the information necessary for cash rich and ready to buy investors to assess property investments and to progress to a purchase and management. Over the last 5 years the founders have sold 1000's of properties working with 30 agents around the north and west of the UK as well as representing or offering a number of high value properties in Mayfair and the west End of London. Purchase My House Fast is looking for your feedback, your interest, your involvement and your ideas. Let us know what you think and have a look at the properties we have sold. We hope we have made this site easy to use, so please let us know how we did. We look forward to hearing from you.

Client’s Feedback

Why we are the best

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Expert Team

Our team of property professionals are on-hand to understand more about the problems you may be having with the financials issues associated with your property. We have managed many individuals, like you, how where in a similar situation and have been able to solve their problems effectively by achieving the best outcome for all. Our expert team includes those from the property industry, legal backgrounds, conveyancing and IT. All of which combine to make your property selling process as smooth as possible.

Professional Service

We pride ourselves in making the whole process of selling property as stress free as possible. You will be assigned a relationships manager from the start of process, who will be at hand at anytime to answer your enquiries.

Great Support

With the added benefit of our wider expert property knowledge and access to innovative selling solutions, we’ve developed online, we can make the whole process of selling your property a stress-free experience.

No Hidden Fees

We are regulated by The Property Ombudsman Service, ( TPOS ). There are no hidden costs and no solicitors fees to pay.

Highly Recommended

Many of our previous clients have referred us onto others who have been in similar situations. Again we worked closely with them to understand their situation, resulting in our expert team achieving a positive outcome. Many of our clients required a quick, private sale with no boards, no viewings and no advertising. All of which, we achieved successfully.

Positive Reviews

We’ve managed to achieve many positive reviews, a few examples can be found on above.